Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why Is The Best Animation Unrelated To The Plotline?

The plot line can make an animated film stagnant at times, requiring less movement and less time experimenting with new techniques. The goal of the artist is to maintain both a good story line and include innovative animation techniques. However that is not always met well by the distributors and executives of animated networks and corporations, who are more focused on an audience marketed hybrid product that it tries to sell with a certain message relevant to current social views in today's society.

That is too commercial for me. An artist should be able to explore themes outside of their time period in terms of themes and style. The stylization and animation of today's cartoons could acceptably act like its from the thirties or forties which is when the greatest technical achievements were made in animation. Which were made under the contribution of several talented companies not necessarily focused on money first hand.

The balance between the plot line and innovative animation was met perfectly to me in my opinion by the works of Fleischer, MGM, and Warner Brothers Termite Terrace. These companies influence is not seen anymore especially with today's newer generations of artists not meeting the same standards of what they accomplished.

I generally see a lot of the industries younger artists and animators using influences mainly from Anime and Graphic Novels when creativity can be explored much further than that. With Fleischer before the Hayes Code they weren't trying to over do the visuals or plot they just made some the best work of their time and in many ways of all time as purely artists. They made money by selling these wonderful artistic pieces to theatrical operations. It was without a certain business proposition controlling the whole situation. Like most animated projects are controlled by now.

For what Fleischer did the same thing goes for MGM and Termite Terrace who also pushed animation to the furthest realm of imagination its ever been pushed in its whole history. The companies did this with their artistic take on the world looking at musical and contemporary influences also the artists offered innovations from themselves. I feel that the industry is not going the right direction with young animation graduates.

These are the places that the new crop of young artists/animators are taught in.

1.CAL Arts: You essentially are taught how to do things the Disney way with character development, animation study etc. you are essentially brainwashed from knowing any other way of animation. It is set up to recruit new Disney animators but most of them wind up working at other companies but are still under this schools impression.

2.Art Institutes: They use mainstream influences, conventional themes and teachers and they have repeated this for years. Artists are taught under a certain agenda and are not able to explore their own creative side.

3.Self Taught: Its not necessarily a bad thing. I'm mostly self taught. Though have you ever spent your entire drawing life copying a certain style and not looking at art as a whole. Some of you look at popular Anime, or shallow network cartoons as examples both of which are overrated it has the wrong impression on young artists who haven't explored the diverse world of art.

This makes me worried. The world of animation doesn't seem to be as inspired as its former self. I'm a young artist trying to break into the industry and have these worries.

Animation should be executed like so first create a plot line that influences the visual style. Then you have the visual style somehow interact with the world around it and not just focusing on the plot line.

Young artists need a wide variety of influences which is the problem these days their not getting enough of that.

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